The dogs on this page are our unadoptables. They are too aggressive or have bite histories and have been court ordered to remain here at Blue Lion for the rest of their lives. Some have been through horrific abuse and neglect. These are dogs that people have used, neglected, abused and broken faith with in the worst ways. Some of these dogs will never again trust anyone outside Blue Lion. Some are unpredictable. But they are all very special.
These are dogs for whom Blue Lion is the closest thing to a loving forever home they will ever know. They cannot leave here, but that doesn’t mean they cannot be loved or that they don’t appreciate good food, a toy, a nice knuckle bone or their own special bed or a Christmas stocking. That’s where you come in.
The cost to maintain one of these dogs runs around $100 per month, not including any incidental toys, treats, or vet care. Please, find it in your heart to select one (or more) of these orphans and make a tax deductible commitment for a monthly donation toward the care of “your” orphan. These animals have lost faith in people. Let’s not lose faith in them.
Sponsoring one of these unadoptable orphans is a terrific way to honor one of your own dogs who has crossed the bridge but who will forever hold a special place in your heart. Love dogs but allergic or have pet restrictions?? Consider helping one of these very deserving animals. What a great gift for the person who has “everything” … their own giant that they will never have to walk, clean up after or find a sitter for during the holidays.