Success Stories

Everyone, meet Mika, one of our most recent success stories...

Originally purchased from a backyard breeder, Mika's journey started out with a group of college kids pooling together enough money to buy her. Eventually, one of the kid's father stepped in to find Mika a better home, knowing that she wouldn't be properly cared for otherwise. Lisa eventually caught wind of this, so she picked Mika up and brought her to Blue Lion. Immediately, she was spayed, cherry eye fixed, and she received all of her vaccinations. At just 9 months old, Mika was finally ready to find her new home. People were quick to find out how sweet she was, so her stay at Blue Lion didn't last very long. A family from Wyoming brought their St. Bernard to the Blue Lion facility to meet Mika, and immediately it was a match made in heaven. Those two played like brother and sister for hours, eventually deciding they were ready to go by hopping into the back of the car. They took her home and she immediately made her self at home. Mika settled in very nicely and still proves to be one of the best companions the family has ever known.


Adoption Applications

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